The Last Drive
Word Hunter
Spot the words you like
Word Hunter - Embark on the ultimate quest for words,right on your touchscreen!

Solve puzzles and expand your vocabulary smoothly.

Follow Olivia, your trusty guide, as she navigates you through the gentle murmurs of an ancient library. Uncover secrets during the 'Daily Mission'. Find hidden stars that unlock new thematic categories that will take you on a odyssey through the infinite universe of words.

Developed by the creators of REACH games, the Back to the Game (B2tGame) team renews itself by offering you a new puzzle with this hidden word game. Each grid is carefully designed, ensuring that every word you discover is part of a meticulously drawn itinerary.

Enter on this lexical adventure and join the ranks of word-search specialists in the ancient corridors of the library.

Enjoy a minimalist design and soothing settings, with our thoughtful approach to word exploration.

Begin your journey with Word Hunter now, where every word you discover brings you closer to the mastery of the knowledge of an encyclopedic sage!